Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Live Photos /// Whammy Bar AKL & Trike Club CHCH

Live @ NZ Stonerfest '11 - Whammy Bar AKL

Live @ Joint Album Release w/ Boltcutter & xFrankGrimesx - The Trike Club CHCH

Monday, 19 December 2011

Within The Witch - download and review

Thanks to our friend Robin at the infamous Stonerobixxx blog for this publication. You can download the full record at 320 kbps mp3 - and there is a link to purchase the disc.


Sludgelord blogspot review: http://thesludgelord.blogspot.com/2011/12/stone-angels.html

Monday, 5 December 2011

Album lyrics: Within The Witch

As requested here are the lyrics from the album "Within The Witch." All lyrics are by S.Bell except "Coffin Cross" written by M.Pavlovic as referenced in the liner notes. Only 4 tracks contain lyrics, while there are vocals on 2 of the 3 other tracks, they are purely percussive.

Within The Witch
Last day of Winter, skin is burning
On hands and knees tonight we crawl
Gnashing teeth, reduced breathing
Watch behind He looms

Within the witch, a figure of endless black anxiety

My time here in many ways is lost
On a broken chance and your former glory
To which body of land do you condemn yourself?
The line you cannot cross

Within the witch, a figure of endless black anxiety

Waiting for a second chance, choked up on ignorance and violence
Waiting for a second chance that won't come


Bleeding Black
Five-star ego at the side of the road
Left there with the needles and stones
Buried with the sign of a crow

What do I know? That I've got it covered dusk til dawn
I'll have the money you can have the buds

Bleeding  black for you, sticky with the sludge
Even through the brightest night
Unjust Stone Angels will override

What do I know? That I've got it covered dusk til dawn
I'll have the money you can have the buds

You're a fuckin waste of time

The prince of the cherubs
The second order of the angels
Living a life term with death in his hands
Yet he's about to learn the lows

In a grave you'll sleep tonight, with thoughts of the dead
In a grave you'll sleep

The prince of the cherubs
He always brings us down
The look on his face, the smell on his breath
As he takes his place, below

Coffin Cross
Bony hands to claw down wood fixed in the cold ground
The dragon constellation in the sky
Hell surges forth

Smash your veins with infernal nector
Burn yourself to ash
Kneel before the grand sepulchre
Drug clock strikes epoch
Eye of Satan - Eye of Needle
Let your lungs become the Devil's furnace

Banner of Hell, ingested so well

Join the void
Blackest shadows seem like day
Die for your own sin - the noose is tight
Kill yourself for Jesus Christ

Banner of Hell, ingested so well

Chemically complacent until the end of days

Coffin nail
Holy grail
All is lost
Coffin Cross

Sunday, 13 November 2011

Within The Witch - Official Christchurch release show 17.12

Three of Christchurch's heaviest bands come together on Saturday 17th December at the Trike Club to release three albums that will melt your face and blow your mind

XfrankgrimesX - Pretty Buzzy
Stone Angels - Within The Witch
Boltcutter - I

All three albums are a bargain: XfrankgrimesX and Boltcutter selling for $7 each, or $10 for both, Stone Angels for only $10, so pick up all three for the super ridiculous low price of $20.

If that wasn't enough, three more bands join them to round off this epic lineup:

Stone Angels
Bazooka (Milton)
Death Throes
The Howl

Entry to The Trike Club is $7 with exact change (for you bargain hunters) or $10 without, which gives you entry to another sweet raffle of merch and other liquid necessities.

Doors at 8pm, BYO and AA, so there's no reason not to come party through the night.

Directions to The Trike Club (117 Maces Road)

Monday, 31 October 2011

Title track: Within The Witch free for download.

"Within The Witch" available for free download in mp3 format.

Album release due for December 2011 and we will be playing the following two shows to promo the disc along with new guitar player Kris Stanley:

Upcoming shows:

- Rising Sun, K Road Auckland w/ ULCERATE and SCAPHIST


Saturday, 8 October 2011

Update - October 2011

Been a while..  
North and South Island shows will be announced very soon, Record almost done.